Sunday, March 20, 2005

Ahhh Sunday.

Beautiful day today.... sky threatened some more winter weather but nothing showed. I like snow but I've pretty much had enough for this winter season.
Attended a total of 3 birthday parties this weekend. The Wife's aunt had a 50th b-day, Pastor's wife was given a surprise 50th after services and after that we went to the Wife's god-child's 5th birthday. I'm all partied out at this point.
Watched the Incredibles DVD this weekend in between parties. I was re-impressed with the quality of this film. Great story, characters and animation. If this doesn't become a classic or benchmark I'll be disappointed.
If you let yourself get lost in the story it won't matter if the actors are flesh and blood or digitally created. If you haven't seen it go get it and watch.
The soundtrack is pretty keen too. A nice blend of sixties suave and hip coolness.
Guess that's all for tonite... catch you hep cats next time. Ciao.

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