Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Ahhhh Hump Day!

Happy Wednesday folks. Today spring finally peeked in and let us know it was on it's way. Today also marked the beginning of the work to clear the trees on The Land. Progress is a wonderful thing! With luck the old Lumberjack doing the work will move along at a good clip. We all went and watched him a bit at the later part of the day. He's a tree cutting, grinding madman. HA!
The Land I refer to is a parcel of several acres we acquired through the good graces of the Wife's old family friend. A wonderful elderly fella who sold us his land for an extremely affordable price whch we split 3 ways between the Wife and I, Sister in law and her hubby, and a cousin and his wife. The future plan is to build and move from the city to the country. So far, so good.
More news as events warrant.
The new Doctor Who series started over the pond in Britain.. bummer that we here were unable to enjoy it.
Seven Nations announced it's new website will be revealed in May along with a new CD. Along with the last Star Wars movie, May is shaping up to be a good month.
That's about it for this installment, tune in again next time when I'll type some more stuff.

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