Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Evening all!

Well the rain has changed to snow/ice mixture. The temp has dropped considerably, so the morning commute should be just a delight. Ah well winter in New England...gotta love it.
Just finished watching StarBlazers Series 1 part 3- Journey to Iscandar. I used to watch this show when I was a wee lad. It's fun watching it again all the way through but the eyes of an adult pick out so many plot inconsistancies. Probably just nitpicking on my part, I know. The show was brought over from Japan and edited and reworked for American kiddie audiences..so some things were obviously lost in translation.
I just wish I knew why part way through the series the Gamilons (the bad guys) had their skin color changed to blue.Probably to mak ethem stand out from the crew of the Yamato better when they interacted.
Looking forward to watching the Comet Empire episodes as well. NetFlix rules!
I see from the comments my pal Bix dropped by and checked out my fledgling blog. Thanks Bix.
Well time to say g'night and head off for some reading. Trying to make my way through Robert Ludlum's The Aquitaine Progression as well as Hollywood Cartoons by Michael Barrier. Both are hefty tomes so I'll be working on them for some time.

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