Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Good Morning

Well another day dawns over the gray and drizzling sky of Massachusetts. Now that I'm up and showered and awake it's time to get ready for work. I work in the art compartment of a screenprinting shop. Multicolor Screen Printing or MSP as it will be referred to henceforth.
I work with 2 other guys, Bix and Seth, as we pass the day in our windowless world. Bix is the MSP veteran of the 3 of us. I come in second and Seth is the newbie, of sorts. A merry little band of graphic grunts if ever there were.
Since the Wife starts work waaayyy earlier than I it falls to me to get the kids ready for school. This usually consisits of me asking "Have you got everything together?" or "Is the cat fed?" or "Lunches made?" and other like queries. The kids are Babes, the girl, age 12. (Yikes she's almost a teenager!) and the Mancub, the boy if you couldn't guess, age 9. One of each so we stopped there.
So at this point they are pretty self sufficient for getting ready for school, for the most part. Any parent will tell you though that there are morning it's like a tug o' war to get them moving. If it weren't for some laws you'd like to poke them with a pointy stick to get them moving.
Anyway, time to wrap this up and finish getting myself together. I'll check in later if time permits.


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