Wednesday, March 9, 2005

So here we are another day gone. Work was good. Kept me and the guys busy. Tonight's girl scouts so the Wife, Babes and the Mancub are there. The Mancub has to go since GS starts so dang early. He'll keep himself busy with pen and paper or his Gameboy. I've got some potatos and carrots boiling on the stove to go with the ham Wife cooked up in the slow cooker last night whilst we slumbered. Smelled good this morning.
Listening to some Yes on the record player. That's right I said record player. Got a good selection of vinyl so every so often I crank up the turntable and enjoy.
Typing this stuff sort of makes me feel like a radio DJ, you're not quite sure anyone's out there paying any attention.
Well I'm gonna sign off for a bit, maybe I'll post again later..depends if I have anything to say or if time permits.

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