Saturday, May 21, 2005

Another Saturday Night....

So we're watching the Wife's Sister's kids for the night while the favorite sis in law and her hubby go out for their anniversary. After a Thunderbirds video and some chinese food for dinner, bath time and settle down time can't be far away.

Looking at a busy week next week at work. But wait.. I need to explain a little something first. You see, favorite sis-in-law now works with me in the art department it's been 3 weeks since she started, doing ok too. But since she's new she's not quite up to speed on all the ins and outs. So I've been training her as we go along. Now next week Bix is on vacation and I know (from past experience) that it will be a crazy time. There will be demands as though we were at full capacity..even then we run behind since the work load is insane at times.

But we'll deal with as we always do. With mass chaos and general confusion.

Karlimara.. my first and perhaps only "fan" on the blog asked me how I'd been doing with. I answered that pretty much in the last post. Now that I know at least someone is reading my thoughts I put down here I suppose I will try to update every other day , maybe every third day. Or as events warrant.

All the kids are watching "Racing Stripes" that 'zebra that becomes racing horse' movie.

Hoping to see the newest and last Star Wars movie sometime soon. Sure Lucas doesn't need anymore of my money but what the heck... Didn't see the last installment at the theatre so I figure I owe him this one.

May the Force be with you.... til next time.

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