Monday, October 31, 2005

What Exactly Are We Saving Here?

Daylight Savings Time wreaks havoc with my internal time clock... I swear. By 9 at night I feel like I'm ready for bed. Why? Cuz I "fell back" an hour Saturday night and now I think it's 10 pm but NO it's really only 9. Oh man....

Takes about a month or so for me to acclimate to this change. We should just set the clock ahead 1/2 hr and leave it the hell alone. At least that's what my better half says we should do. And after 14 years of marriage I've learned to listen to her. She's a pretty smart cookie. Heck she married me didn't she?

Anyway it's Halloween so I'm out of work earlier than usual to do door duty with the candy beggars. If it's wasn't for the fact I don't want to clean eggs off my car and or house I'd give nothing to the kids that show up with no costume. As it is I only give these kids 1 piece... little kids with cute costumes get more.

I've been waaayyy behind on art postings. If we're lucky I can get some done tonight and post them Tuesday. If not.. eh.. that's the way the cokie crumbles.

So... BOOHAHAHWAHHHHHHH!!!! Happy Halloween Kiddies.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Lunchtime Sketch

A quickie little lunchtime sketch. The punk piper. Inspired by all the Celtic rock I've been listening to.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Tis the Season

Love a good zombie flick? Love a good read? Here's a site for you.

Dead Ends by Blambot fonts guru Nate Piekos.

It's a choose your own adventure type of story.
Caution: some language and zombie-like activity are intense.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Illustration Friday-COLD

A little vintage Armadillos for the Illustration Friday posting. Better late than never. I had something else planned, which I'll probably post anyway, but I didn't want to miss the deadline.

Enjoy. and as always click on the image for a larger version... but you already know that.

Reddot Blog

Reddot Blog

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Why Go Out When You Can Stay In?

Ok, OK been a little lax the last few days. Sorry. Finally got around to updating the art on the today's strip so here's another Squawk Box episode. Click on each page for a larger view.


Well the rain finally subsided up here in the Northeast. Got a few puddles in the basement... but that's nothing new so nothing got damaged since it's all up off the floor. That's years of experience right there. I was beginning to forget what the sun and blue sky looked liked. It's been raining since last Sunday.
But it's nice and clear and the breeze is blowing so stuff's drying off. Overall a nice pleasant Sunday.

Catch you all next time around.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Monday, October 10, 2005

More Early Strips


Here's another couple of early 'Dillo strips continuing the Star Trek parody. Even though today was Columbus Day and most of the folks had the day off, I didn't. So I thought I'd take a moment and post. Thanks to all of you who've left comments. I appreciate them. Really.

I should have some new strips done up for Wednesday plus I'm trying to get something together for Illustration Friday. Oh yeah plus the day job. Sheesh.

I'm reworking a few of the Squawk Box strips I have already done so when they are seen togther the look consistant.

Well enjoy the flashback and be sure to check out some of my links.

Saturday, October 8, 2005

Squawk Box


Here's another strip I came across on my harddrive. I'd almost forgotten about it. It stars a little TV by the name of Squawk Box. I started this one a couple years back and have only done them every once in agreat while as an idea has come to me. They actually saw print in a collected graphic novel of various cartoonists put out by Chris Yambar (see links).
I got the name from my Uncle. When I was growing up he constantly referred to the television (telebision for any old Dennis the Menace fans out there) as the squawk box. Most folks used to call it the idiot box but I didn't think that would make as neat a strip name. I started doing these strips straight in Freehand but have since switched over and in some cases converted the original to Illustrator.
I've a few of these strips already in "the can" so I'll have some chances to make new ones.
I know I should have a schedule for new and updated strips so it's easier to know when to check back at the site. But let me just get going and then I'm sure I can keep this up regular like.
As always feel free to leave comments.
Please note I've added a small counter at the bottom of the sidebar so I can keep track of how many (or few) visitors I have in the course of my postings.

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Setting the WayBack Machine

Here's a classic strip from waay-ayyy back when I first started drawing the 'dillos. This strip is almost 20 years old. Damn I been doing this for a long time.

Anyway. I'll probably alternate between "classic" versions of the strips and newer stuff. This way you can tell me how much more talented I amnow than I used to be. HAHAHA.
Next time around I'll let you know the origin of the 'dillos and how a guy who's never been near a desert came to draw these "dogs with shells".

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

And now the strips

These are a few of the Armadillo strips that have been sitting idle on my harddrive waiting for a place to be shown. Now I have that place. I hope to be posting more and recent strips soon. Enjoy these and let me know how you liked or hated them.
Click on them for a larger veiw.

Ok here's another test. This is my character Arnie the armadillo ('dillo for short). If this works ok I have some strips to post.

Testing pictures..

Since I'd like to use this blog to post comic strips and other illustrations (as many of my contemporaries already do) I have to run a test to see which size pics will work the best without looking weird or grossly oversized.. So please bear with me.

If this works you should see my version of a revamp of Underdog.