Saturday, October 8, 2005

Squawk Box


Here's another strip I came across on my harddrive. I'd almost forgotten about it. It stars a little TV by the name of Squawk Box. I started this one a couple years back and have only done them every once in agreat while as an idea has come to me. They actually saw print in a collected graphic novel of various cartoonists put out by Chris Yambar (see links).
I got the name from my Uncle. When I was growing up he constantly referred to the television (telebision for any old Dennis the Menace fans out there) as the squawk box. Most folks used to call it the idiot box but I didn't think that would make as neat a strip name. I started doing these strips straight in Freehand but have since switched over and in some cases converted the original to Illustrator.
I've a few of these strips already in "the can" so I'll have some chances to make new ones.
I know I should have a schedule for new and updated strips so it's easier to know when to check back at the site. But let me just get going and then I'm sure I can keep this up regular like.
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Catnapping said...

you draw beautiful clean lines.

I love your armadillo. as a guy you probably don't wanna hear that he's I won't tell you.