Monday, October 31, 2005

What Exactly Are We Saving Here?

Daylight Savings Time wreaks havoc with my internal time clock... I swear. By 9 at night I feel like I'm ready for bed. Why? Cuz I "fell back" an hour Saturday night and now I think it's 10 pm but NO it's really only 9. Oh man....

Takes about a month or so for me to acclimate to this change. We should just set the clock ahead 1/2 hr and leave it the hell alone. At least that's what my better half says we should do. And after 14 years of marriage I've learned to listen to her. She's a pretty smart cookie. Heck she married me didn't she?

Anyway it's Halloween so I'm out of work earlier than usual to do door duty with the candy beggars. If it's wasn't for the fact I don't want to clean eggs off my car and or house I'd give nothing to the kids that show up with no costume. As it is I only give these kids 1 piece... little kids with cute costumes get more.

I've been waaayyy behind on art postings. If we're lucky I can get some done tonight and post them Tuesday. If not.. eh.. that's the way the cokie crumbles.

So... BOOHAHAHWAHHHHHHH!!!! Happy Halloween Kiddies.

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Don said...

Here's a fix for the time change acclimation problems: Work 3rd shift. I spent 10 years bouncing between 3rd and 1st shifts and totally destroyed my internal clock. Once that is out of the way, you can adjust to ANY time changes! Jet lag is a thing of the past. :-)

Of course, it does cost you your sanity... if you have any to begin with.