Tuesday, November 8, 2005

New Strip idea

Here's a new strip. Took lunchtime to ink and letter it. It was an idea I had a while back. Neither the guy or the dog has a name as yet but feel free to leave comments. If you suggest a cool enough name maybe I'll even use it.


Anonymous said...

Turner + Hooch?

LOL ^_^

I like the name Skip for the Dog.

- JT

Pag said...

Skip looks like my dog.

I like the art and humor:) Hoping to see more.


Cecilia's Art said...

nice drawings and strip!,i like them!maybe the name of the dog could be ´Pucho´, and the man, Roberto.

Anonymous said...

how about Nerdy McFlerd and Brains

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ditko,

How about Kirby and Lee for names?
I wonder how many people would get it?

from your buddy Stan