Monday, January 16, 2006


Nope.. Just busy with other stuff. Work, home, etc. I do plan on kicking off with some new 'Dillo strips in the very near future. So those of you who actually care about this little blog and follow it won't be disappointed.

Meanwhile here's a little something I dug up on my harddrive.
This here a mock paperback cover I did for fun. Used a watercolor I did from a couple years back. I did the watercolor using a far better version as reference. Still I liked how it came out since I had only been working with watercolors for a short while.
Pardon T. Sowle is my great grandfathers name and Fleming Press was named for Ian Fleming of James Bond fame.
I've been enjoying the crime novel / spy genre for a while.

Anyway... here's my "novel".

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