Sunday, April 2, 2006

Not "Our" Dog....

Well it's been a couple weeks since we brought Boondoggle home. Seems he's taken a HUGE shine to Babes, my daughter, he follows her everywhere, pretty much ignores me and my son, and whines when they are apart. Now the trick is to train him or bribe him into liking the rest of the family.
Pretty much I want him to at least like my son and go to him. My son is a huge dog lover and it hurts him to get snubbed by the "family" pet. I can take or leave it to be honest. Didn't grow up with a dog and inherited my wife's dog when we got married. Abby passed away a few years back and since then we've had the cat, Jazz, as well as some fish, and a couple of frogs one of whom now resides at my sister's house.
Hopefully I'll be back to posting art and comics soon.

All the best to my "fans".. bwahahahahaha!