Thursday, September 21, 2006

Happy Anniversary hunny bunny

Ok , I've been married 15 years as of TODAY to the most wonderful woman. She has to be to put up with me for 15 years. What do you get your loved one for a 15 year anniversary you may ask. I'll tell you. You give the above logo. Yes the 15 year anniversary is the custom logo anniversary.
Anyways, I did up this logo for my wife's 4 wheeler quadrunner, which she had named Cricket. I had said logo embroidered on a hat for her and screen printed the design on several shirts for her to wear about town, or while riding through the woods on our land. If she'll let me take her picture I'll post a shot of her in her gear aboard the real Cricket.

After 15 years she's learned I still have a few surprises left in me.

Here's to 15 more and beyond, hun!!!

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