Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Drew Tuesday

Taking a page from Ward over at the Ward-O-Matic blog and his Ava Thursday, I'm introducing Drew Tuesday. My son the budding comic artist (animator?) has a plethora of things that I could post. So I am.

This is one of his superheroes he calls Power.

This is a poster for POWER: All Villians Unite. It has each villian labeled for easy reference. Not sure if he's working on an actual story for this but I'll keep you posted on that.

His little Spidey sketch caught my eye as I was gathering a few things for this first Drew Tuesday. I like the slightly surprised look Spidey has. I say he draws the webs much better than I did at his age. My Spider-Man always looked like he was wearing a grid.

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Timothy said...


I just can't believe this is the work of a 10 yr old. Very good stuff and if he improves with age, we have a future comicbook master!

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