Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Birthday HUDSON

Happy Thanksgiving folks!! I was thinking back this morning and realized it was one of my characters b-day today. Way back in 1982 I drew the first strips of Hudson Rock. Hudson was the name of the painted rock my 7th grade french teacher used as a door stop. Hudson was named after the movie star Rock Hudson..duh.
That's pretty much where the comparison ends though. I had plans to incorporate Hudson into the Armadillo Junction strip once it got cranking... wellllll we all know where that went. I probably will still work him in but I thought in honor of his birthday I'd post some strips up today before I get to the turkey fest. I popped thewse 3 strips together this morning using old material (which I'll post on another day). Enjoy.

click on the image for a lrger version

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