Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sketchy sketches

I did something I haven't done in quite some time last night. I actually got to sit down and just sketch. Was fun. So here's what I accomplished in an evening.

This is the character Molly from the comic The Perhapanauts by Todd and Craig. If you're not reading it.. shame! Go pick up your copy now.

Here's my Tiki Surfer. Sorry if the surfboard looks wrong.. I didn't bother getting any reference.

This is a sketch of my son's comic character Power. He says I made him look older than he draws him. It was a nice warm up excercise though.

A quickie sketch of E-Man. I picked up the entire first run on eBay and now there's a new series out by the same creators.

And finally here's Arnie from Armadillo Junction my own comic strip/book character. He's looking a little more rounded out than previous drawings. Probably because I haven't drawn him in such a long time he evolved again.

Click on any image for a larger veiw and as always feel free to leave comments.

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