Thursday, January 18, 2007

Comments-Quips- Snide remarks

I know people stop by and check it counter tells me so. Is it that my posts don't warrant any reaction? Are you like me and freeze up or your mind goes blank when it comes to putting words to thoughts? Are you merely passing through to see what's new and enjoy it for what it is?

My poor ego does occasionaly need some stroking so if you'd be so kind as to at least leave a little comment I promise to check your site and leave one for you too. Fair enough?


paulEldridge said...

I sent you an email about a week ago. Never got a response...maybe just missed it. Let me know... thanks. Paul

DonKelly said...

I got the email..sorry for the delay. Haven't had a moment to sit down and do a proper reply.

paul said...

I understand that completely. I'll keep an eye open for it. Thanks!