Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sneek Peek

Here's a sneek peek at my long time in the making comic project. I've been pencilling these pages off and on for a couple years. Not that there's a lot of detail..obviously. It's just I keep putting it down to work on other stuff. This strip isn't even that long. I originally did this story as as a submission to a really, really small press anthology way way back in the early 90's. I think the print run was in the negative. But anyway It was my first published work. Then I had the idea of reworking it and submitting it to Dark Horse a couple years back for a contest they were having. I never got around to finishing it. I'm also reworking the story a bit from the original and redoing the dialouge. It's basically a 2.0 version.

I've no clue to when I'll finally get this all done. Between work, the other strips I have cooking and buildig and moving to a new home this year. Sheesh is my plate a tad full or what?
Anyway enjoy the early look-see.

This is a quickie sketch I did at break time of a Post Apocolyptic scavenger feller.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Simon and Sampson sketches

Another character sketch for the Yeshua strip. Here's Simon barJonah or Peter as he's more popularly known. I decided to make him a bit of a burly and eathered fellow since he was a fisherman by trade. Plus it fits with the "Rock" image he's aquired.

This didn't start out to be Sampson but sort of evolved into it. I sketched him while on the phone and when I was wiating for files to download and what not while at work. The placement of his feet are off in comparison to the pillars but it's only a rough so no big deal.

Monday, March 19, 2007

KEB MO!!!!

This weekend some of us here from work went to check out Keb' Mo' in concert up in Boston at the Berkeley Performing Arts Center. Awesome awesome show... he makes it look like he's having sych a great time. He played most of our favs. Best of all he picked up and admired one of my custom made t-shirts I made for the 'Mo fans here at work. I left it up on the stage in hopes he'd see it. Co-incidentally the woman sitting in front of us was the Mom of his stage manager..so when she went back stage she put in a good word for us. She rocks!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Yeshua character studies

sketched these toons while waiting for the ol' Saturn to get serviced this afternoon. I'm liking the graphic style with these. Got to start working out the other followers.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Drew Tuesday 7

I admit it's been a while since the last Drew Tuesday. Not that Drew doesn't have a plethora of material to choose from, I've just not got around to scanning to posting it. Anywho. Here's a "cool surfer" he did for me when I asked for a "cool picture".

Friday, March 9, 2007

IF I ever own a comic shop...

This is going to be the name and logo.

I know it sounds like the name of an adult video store..get yer mind out of the gutter ya Yancy Street yokel! As anyone who's a fan of comics knows..Amazing Fantasy is the comic book that introduced Spider-Man to the world. So in tribute to my love of the ol' webhead and the works of Stan and Steve..I decided if the day ever comes and I have the oppourtunity to open a comic book shop this is what I'll be naming it.

I may print up a few t-shirts just for sometime too.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Girl on a Rock

Here's a quickie cartoon of a girl on a rock I did for a girl's bat mitzvah design. It's simple since it's going to be printed small on some plaid shorts that I guess will be given out at the party. Thought I'd post it and share.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Stuff for Sale

Check out my Ebay listings for some swell shirts I've posted up for sale. Yeah yeah I know they ain't Armadillo shirts..those are coming.