Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sketchbook stuff

Sat down and sketched while watching TV last night. Here's the results.

Those vikings they love their donuts! Some Food Network show was showing how donuts are made. Then I had a flash of a viking. That's how the brain works sometimes.

Here's my version of my son's character Jak Rabbit leaping into action.

This is Drew's art, in color this time, of Jak Rabbit.

I picked up my son's FAVORITE stuffed dog, Brownie, and sketched him quick. That's a robe the dog is wearing with his beaded necklace my Babes made for him. This stuffed dog has been EVERYWHERE with my son since he was a little wee lad.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

T-Shirt Designs

Here are a few t-shirt designs I've done up on the freelance work side of things.

The guys who wanted this play soccer (duh) but I guess they really like to throw 'em back too.. hence the tap and mug.

After doing the design for last year's Wood Bat Classic, I got asked to do this year's as well. I like how it came out.. but I think I might have done the penant different if given a chance to remake it. Maybe next year.

And here's last year's Wood Bat Classic design. Used more realistic bats in this one but it posed a printing problem for the screenprinter that did the job.

Another design for the folks in Williamstown. I probably need to pick a few new script/athletic fonts..there seems to be a thread running through these designs eh?

If anyone needs some freelance design done.. drop me an email. Really. I have a new house to pay for.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Drew's Sketchbook

Since there hasn't been a Drew Tuesday in nigh on a dog's age I figured I'd just turn it into a Drew's sketchbook...I have millions of his sketches to choose from. So many to pick from he could get his own blog..but not quite yet.
Anyway, here's some choice picks from his recent batch of works.

This is a jam piece my kids did together. Drew's is on the left, Meg's is on the right.

Spongebob as Ghost Rider.

Spidey and his Rouges Gallery if they lived in Bikini Bottom.

Jonny Q... a hunter of supernatural beasties.

Spider-Man and Spider-Kid swinging around town on patrol.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Shark Tournament t-shirt design

Here's the inks for a design I did up for the Cuttyhunk Shark Tournament. I was under the gun to get it out so I'm sure there are a multitude of flaws. I like the overall look though despite the time crunch to finish it. I had to fit the guy landing a shark in a boat..and you had to be able to read the name of the boat as well.

I added some tones to the design to give it some flair. Again with time a consideration I mostly did large areas of flat gray. The gray's print as halftones I set at 35 dpi so it had a hefty pattern. I find that works better with the limitations of our production crew.

Aaannnnddd.... the final design with type added. Looking at it now I would have loved to do this up as a comic book cover. The type isn't anything fancy. The year is correct as 2006. This is the shirt that last year's winners wear while this year's tourny is going on. Sort of a bragging rights kind of thing.