Friday, June 8, 2007

Drew's Sketchbook

Since there hasn't been a Drew Tuesday in nigh on a dog's age I figured I'd just turn it into a Drew's sketchbook...I have millions of his sketches to choose from. So many to pick from he could get his own blog..but not quite yet.
Anyway, here's some choice picks from his recent batch of works.

This is a jam piece my kids did together. Drew's is on the left, Meg's is on the right.

Spongebob as Ghost Rider.

Spidey and his Rouges Gallery if they lived in Bikini Bottom.

Jonny Q... a hunter of supernatural beasties.

Spider-Man and Spider-Kid swinging around town on patrol.

1 comment:

Dave said...

Howdy, just surfed over from the Blambot forum and had to leave a comment - the spiderman / spongebob pic is fantastic - tickles me everytime I look at it!

Good work - keep it up.