Friday, June 1, 2007

Shark Tournament t-shirt design

Here's the inks for a design I did up for the Cuttyhunk Shark Tournament. I was under the gun to get it out so I'm sure there are a multitude of flaws. I like the overall look though despite the time crunch to finish it. I had to fit the guy landing a shark in a boat..and you had to be able to read the name of the boat as well.

I added some tones to the design to give it some flair. Again with time a consideration I mostly did large areas of flat gray. The gray's print as halftones I set at 35 dpi so it had a hefty pattern. I find that works better with the limitations of our production crew.

Aaannnnddd.... the final design with type added. Looking at it now I would have loved to do this up as a comic book cover. The type isn't anything fancy. The year is correct as 2006. This is the shirt that last year's winners wear while this year's tourny is going on. Sort of a bragging rights kind of thing.

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