Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sketches from this week

A few sketches done inbetween stuff other stuff at work. Shhhhhh.

First up is a couple I call Gordy and Earlina. Gordy's a good hearted lout who works as a truck driver but is out on disability for the summer. Earlina's parents wanted a boy but got her, she's named after her Dad. Sorta.

Here's an entry over at The Drawing Board's Indy Jam thread. I have to set it up at Photobucket but it'll be there tonite.

Here's some big nosed lothario trying to woo a pretty young thing. Doesn't look likes he's getting anywhere.

Since the Underdog movie is coming out this month I did another version of my take on the character. Protecting humanity from a meteor storm. Have no fear..etc. etc.
Did up the colors tonite in photoshop, a quickie coloring job I did while my son looked on. He thinks it's cool.

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