Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Oh yeah I got stress... tons of it. Anyone want some?

Building a house. I was told it was a stressful undertaking. Ok. I anticipated some headaches... but not the %#$@^& amount of them I've had with this project. I'm telling you, it seems that MY house is the first house anyone of the yahoos that have worked on it have ever done.. EVER. From the foundation on up! I do mean EVERYONE!
I won't go into details..suffice to say it's been something, every....step....of ....the ....way.
Really there are only two guys in the whole project I'd ever use again. Mike Oliveira Flooring, did a fantastic, affordable, fast job of my hardwood floors. Five rooms worth. And the 2nd is Al Jeronymo the carpenter constructiong my front porch and back deck and stairs. Awesome work and pros, the both of them. If you live in the New Bedford Mass. area and need some carpentry or floors done..call these guys.

P.I.A. Neighbors... every new house HAS to have one of these folks. We got our share. Complaints from the get go. Letters to the town from her lawyer. Even a No Trespass order served on us too. WTF!!!! What have I done to this woman. Nothing. Funny thing is she was at my wedding 16 years ago. There are tons of extra details to this whole sorted tale and I may write about them but I'm too damn pissed off to think straight.

Anyway.. I've been venting all night over this crap. I've never wanted harm to come to anyone..but after all this I have seriously altered that view. Where are the stray meteors that strike people down?

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