Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day stuff

Some stuff from the kids to fill this leap year extra day.

A comic strip done by my daughter.She called it WHY NOT, I thought it was kind of quirky. Enjoy.

Some heads and doodles from my daughter's sketchbook. I was figuring it was about time I show off her stuff as well.
I like the big headed little sad girl for some reason.

A drawing my son is working on for something is art class. I'll post as it progresses.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Drew Tuesday 11

A rare colored sketch by my son. Spongebob is his to his own characters anyway. He's a goofy Goober!!

Jak Rabbit the star of my son's upcoming book. He wrote a short book with this little hare's first adventure.

An exciting scene from the exploits of Jak Rabbit! Look out guys!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

T-shirt Designs

Two designs for dart teams I did up recently. I may still need to make changes but thought I'd post 'em since I hadn't posted much this month at all.

A design for a memorial shirt for a young woman who was murdered. She was into hearts, wings and tattoo stuff so I tried to incorporate that into the design. Ended up being a short notice type of thing but I think it came out pretty cool and works for both girls and guys. These are going to be sold at a benefit in memory of her.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Been busy with work and house stuff so there hasn't been too much activity on the blog. We finally got to the point where we put the old house up on the market. Hoping for the best since right now it's an extra drain on the wallet. Over to the left is a little snippet of some Simpson's inspired heads. It's the little things I doodle between waiting for the comp to finish a task or on the phone. The other sketch is one I did around Christmas. It's a little patchwork doll that seems to have been left behind in the workshop, unfinished. Illustration Friday had "stitch" as a subject a few weeks ago but alas I didn't get to post it in time. As usual. HAHA.