Saturday, February 2, 2008


Been busy with work and house stuff so there hasn't been too much activity on the blog. We finally got to the point where we put the old house up on the market. Hoping for the best since right now it's an extra drain on the wallet. Over to the left is a little snippet of some Simpson's inspired heads. It's the little things I doodle between waiting for the comp to finish a task or on the phone. The other sketch is one I did around Christmas. It's a little patchwork doll that seems to have been left behind in the workshop, unfinished. Illustration Friday had "stitch" as a subject a few weeks ago but alas I didn't get to post it in time. As usual. HAHA.

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emilio said...

Hey Don,
Cool blog.

Just linked over from the perhapanaut fan art piece on their newly redesigned website/blog.

I like your son's rendition of Ben10 a couple of posts back.

I'll be back by from time to time.