Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sketch Dump - Old and New

A bunch of stuff in this posting. I dug through my huge blue tun of old drawings and decided to post a few from way back when I sketched a LOT more than I do now. I always had some kind of project in mind with most of the sketches.
First off is two new doodles from Friday. 1 is Doc Savage in a more cartoony style and the better of the two. The other is him in a more unheroic and realistic style. The second one didn't start out as Doc but sort of went that way as I was doodling. The first shows Doc after kicking some Nazi butt.

Some old sketches:

A kid and his "pet" from some space colony. Best I can remember about it.

Here's a random super team. Got the psychic, the big guy and the lady warrior. There are some notes I cut off giving brief descriptions. The big guy is of course peaceful until provoked and is an inter-dimensional traveller stuck on our world. The floating guy is a paraplegic whose suit amplifies his psychic abilities allowing him to "fly". The female warrior is a companion of the big guy he picked up somewhere along his way.

This is a happy dog. Not much else to say here.

A cowboy I airbrushed on a shirt during my tee shirt airbrushing phase back in the eighties.

The Anti-Monitor and your truly in comic book form for a project that I never completed for an Apa-Zine I was part of.

Remember punk rock? Remember? Well so does this guy. A screaming lead singer of some group who undoubtedly used oodles of hairspray before a performance.

Draf from an ongoing comic idea. I sketched more stuff for this little guy than most any other charatcers. Just never went anywhere with most of the ideas of comic pages. Someday.

Mike.. a high school buddy I drew into a Dungeon and Dragons inspired comic called the Crusaders. I used the guys from my Commercial Art class as the characters. wrote and drew (on notebook paper and copy paper) 3 issues of the Crusaders and 3 solo adventures. Now that was an undertaking.

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emilio said...

Hey Don,
Those are all pretty cool.

I like that "kid & his pet" sketch.

Graf looks cool, too. Maybe you can do a webcomic for that.