Monday, September 15, 2008

Retro Guy gets his vector on!

I wanted to just do something for fun tonite so I took the sketch of my "retro" guy and did a quickie vector of the suave dude.
Below shows the progression.

Here's the sketch and the rough vector outline of the major parts.

Here I wanted to have a neato cool retro color scheme. Since I don't have the best grasp of colors I decided to swipe the color palette from the king of retro Shag. Then I blocked in some color and began to arrange the shapes in front of and behind each other.

Some more colors and some more details. Added the hairy chest. Should have added one gold chain just for fun.

Copy and pasted the entire figure behind the first one and thickened up the outlines to give it a bolder look, more solid. Added the stripes to the pants. If I took more time the stripes wouldn't sit on top of the outlines of the pants.

Added some background elements by warping a circle and copying it a couple times then setting the transparency to multiply.

The finished art. Time: about 2 hrs, with interruptions and all. It was fun to do. Next up..putting him on a background. Maybe.

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