Friday, March 27, 2009

TARDIS console

Started work on an outline to use for when I draw the TARDIS console for my Doctor Who strip idea. I'll hand draw over the outline but I'd like to have a consistent look so I'm making this "schematic" of it. I'm just doing it in Illustrator. Although I'd love to be able to do it where I could swing it around and see it from various angles as a 3D wire frame.
Anyone know of an affordable program that'd let me do that?

Edit: Second image with additional linework.

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Anonymous said...

I'd recommend Google SketchUp. It is cheap (free) and has a pretty easy learning curve (if you can handle illustrator, you can handle SketchUp) and you can either look et your console as a 2d image in sketch up, panning around etc., or export it into another 3d program as needed