Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hey it's SUMMER!!

Yup it's summer baby! Been busy with work and what not so really haven't blogged that much. I have been Facebooking regularly. No new strips or art are forthcoming until I find a way to better manage my little free time. Figured I'd update for the few that do stop by... my counter says you do and I thank you for it.
I have been keeping my 2010 Reading List updated as I finish each book. Currently I have three going at once. The newest Kathy Reichs 206 Bones, MacArthur's Escape the story of General MacArthur's withdrawal from the Philippines to Australia at the outset of the Pacific War, and The Unknown Shore by Patrick O'Brian... each is in various stages of progress.
Just trying to keep cool and dry with this New England summer in full is still busy, both the day job and the side stuff. Although there is a slight let up on the side work lately. So all is well for any of you who wonder about such things. Be well..catch ya next time.

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